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RET Resistive Electric Transfer

Resistive Electric Transfer, a procedure characterized by the utilization of alternating current exceeding 100,000Hz, combined with short-pulsed electromagnetic energy, constitutes an innovative technique. Applied to biological tissue, this procedure effectively stimulates cellular activities, while also leading to the conversion of electromagnetic energy into thermal energy. Remarkably non-invasive and entirely harmonious with the human body's natural dynamics, this method contributes to an elevation in both cellular and tissue temperatures, thereby eliciting its distinctive physiological effects.

For those considering Resistive Electric Transfer, it's important to note that this procedure offers the advantage of not triggering sensory or motor nerve contractions. This means no muscle contractions or associated discomfort. Instead, it operates by generating deep heat within the body through the controlled movement of ions, promoting a distinct and targeted physiological response.


Capacity Electric Transfer


Resistive Electric Transfer


  • Transferred by capacity via an active insulated electrode.

  • Concentrated electrical charges around the insulated electrode.

  • Heat generated more from the surface.

  • For superficial areas i.e. hands, overlying skin

  • Active electrode is not insulated

  • Concentrated electrical charges deep inside.

  • Heat generated at greater depth.

  • For deep tissue with more resistance i.e. bone tissue, cartilage, large tendons, fascia, cellulite, and visceral fat.

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RET is strongly recommended over CET due to its remarkable efficacy. By harnessing RET RF Heat, deeper layers are reached, expediting natural healing and beauty recovery. The effects of RET RF diathermy are comprehensive, including accelerated reparatory processes, improved blood circulation delivering vital nutrients, and enhanced lymphatic drainage eliminating toxins. This substantiates RET as the superior choice, offering holistic well-being and aesthetic enhancement.

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